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Student visa
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Learning English in the United States

Submission of documents to a language school
We provide you with a list of documents required for admission, you send them to us
We check and send the documents to the school of your choice along with payment. The school puts you in the list of enrolled students and sends you an invitation
About 14 days
from $510
You are in the USA
You study English 20 hours a week, and manage your free time on your own
English level
Trips to other countries
From 15 to 75
Our managers will tell you which country it is best to have an interview. You are being interviewed for a visa
Passing an interview
Middle/high school diploma
If you have them, fill out the form, and we will contact you as soon as possible

We will answer your questions

English courses

Florida, School
A city that seems to have absorbed everything. Glowing skyscrapers right next to the endless ocean…
Tuition fee
New York
New York, School
A city that never stops for a second. Morning, you are going to study, go to the nearest Starbucks…
Tuition fee
Illinois, School
A city of winds, style and skyscrapers on the shores of Lake Michigan — it’s amazing how…
for 5 days a week
Tuition fee
for 3 days a week
Los Angeles
California, School
A city where you can just be yourself. You can look like you want, live like you want, have a hobby…
Tuition fee
San Diego
California, School
In this city the sun shines 246 days a year. You wake up, grab a coffee or smoothie, leave the house. Where…
Tuition fee
$425 after 3 months
Salt Lake City
Utah, School
This city has preserved all four seasons and nature, which takes your breath away. The Great Salt lake, on the shore…
Tuition fee
$425 after 3 months
Texas, School
Imagine you’re walking around town like a western hero, and all around you are serious people in suits, young…
Tuition fee
Florida, School
The city of entertainment, which is called East Hollywood. It’s sunny here all year round and you never…
Tuition fee
Indiana, School
The city where all the roads of America cross, going from west to east and from north to south. The capital…
Tuition fee
San Diego
California, University
Pack your textbooks in a bag — it’s time to get a new profession. Business, marketing, psychology — you can…
Tuition fee
The language school will not refuse your enrollment if all the documents are correct. You choose the period of study, and it can be extended
Almost everyone has a reason to learn English. Language courses in the USA are several times cheaper than entering a university for higher education
To get a student visa, you can show a much lower amount on your account than is required for a tourist visa statement
With our support
We cooperate with schools in several states of America, and we can offer a tuition price for your budget
We provide support at all stages of obtaining a student visa
Checking the correctness of sent documents
Your personal manager will accompany you till your arrival in the USA
Personal support
The support includes
— A personal manager who will accompany you at every stage of your trip
— Preparing for an interview with our interactive simulator
Fee for 1 people
Fee for 2 people

When will you be able to come to the USA

On average, it takes
3 months
from start to arrival in the USA
In many cases, it all depends on your choice
Within 7 days after submitting the documents, you are enrolled in an educational institution
Within 14 days after submitting the documents, the educational institution will send you an invitation
You choose your start date
You choose when to be interviewed
You can arrive in the US 30 days before the classes start

Choose a format to get started

Free guide
You can learn the information in more detail. In the guide you will learn
What budget is needed for everything?
What do I need to admit to language courses?
How much does living in the USA cost?
And other detailed information
Documents submission
Choose an offer of your choice
Fill out the form, and we will contact you as soon as possible

Any questions?

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Can I change my start date?
Yes, the start date can be changed. This can be done up to two times free of charge (if the invitation is in electronic form). If you need the original form, you will need to pay extra for delivery (from $150)
When I should pay for the school?
Payment of the admission fee is available on our web-site to start the process. Payment of the tuition should be made to the school upon arrival before the start day
When will my I-20 Form be ready?
Preparation time varies by school. Check with the manager for the deadlines for school invitations
What is the earliest date I can arrive in the U.S.?
You can enter the U.S. 30 days prior to your program start date
Can I attend classes online?
Unfortunately, the online format is not suitable for obtaining a visa, unlike the hybrid or offline format. Check with managers the schedule and format of school classes
Is it an immigrant visa?
Student visa is a non-immigrant visa; this purpose of the travel on this visa can be only studying. If your goal is to immigrate, you should contact an immigration lawyer
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