Submission of documents to Salt Lake City Language School

This city has preserved all four seasons and nature, which takes your breath away. The Great Salt lake, on the shore of which there is a city, mountains, against which skyscrapers flaunt. If you suddenly get tired of city life in Salt Lake City, it will take you half an hour to get to the snowy slopes or the lake. You can go to school, to restaurants, walk through the streets of the city like an ordinary American, and then, if you suddenly get tired of the city, you can practically teleport to nature, which seems to be cut out from the planet Mars
Admission fee
Tuition fee
$425 after 3 months


Submit documents
as part of the agreement you enter into with the school, you are issued an I-20 form, which is sent electronically to the email address you provided
submission of documents to the language school for further consideration and approval of your application, entering into the SEVIS student database and enrollment
check your documents


Can I change my start date?
Yes, the start date can be changed. This can be done up to two times free of charge (if the invitation is in electronic form). If you need the original form, you will need to pay extra for delivery (from $150)
When I should pay for the school?
Payment of the admission fee is available on our web-site to start the process. Payment of the tuition should be made to the school upon arrival before the start day
When will my I-20 Form be ready?
Preparation time varies by school. Check with the manager for the deadlines for school invitations
What is the earliest date I can arrive in the U.S.?
You can enter the U.S. 30 days prior to your program start date
Can I attend classes online?
Unfortunately, the online format is not suitable for obtaining a visa, unlike the hybrid or offline format. Check with managers the schedule and format of school classes
Is it an immigrant visa?
Student visa is a non-immigrant visa; this purpose of the travel on this visa can be only studying. If your goal is to immigrate, you should contact an immigration lawyer
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